Win & Win Law Firm was legally organized in partnership, approved by the Department of Justice of Shandong and Ministry of Justice of China. All attorney team leaders are professional attorneys with rich attorney experience. We adhere to provide professional, efficient legal service through standard, dedicated team work.

All Attorneys graduated from prestigious law schools in China or overseas and received formal and systematic law education. Many attorneys have served as government officials, court judges, professors, etc. in their previous law careers. We have solved hundreds of very complex and difficult commercial litigation or non-litigation cases in local court, high court and supreme people’s court. We specialize in international trade law, maritime law, financial and insurance law, civil dispute resolution etc.

We have good relationship with government agencies and judicial department, and have good cooperation with law firms in major cities of China and overseas. Win & Win attorneys adhere to principal of “Honest, professional, righteous”, having obtained affirmation and praise from clients and governments. According to our service philosophy “Developing with clients, supporting clients to win”, Win & Win attorneys will continue to provide efficient and high quality legal service for clients at home and abroad.

Win & Win law firm provides legal counsel and representation for clients not only China domestic enterprises but also including all global countries. With the goal of building friendly and trusted relationship with our clients, we are proud to fight hard on behalf of each and every one of clients.

Features of Law Firm

We are friendly attorney who love what we do. It’s easier for you to do business with like-minded people who care about your success. 

We have the rich experienced attorneys to achieve unparalleled results for you. Using our law knowledge to work for you. Our attorneys have multidisciplinary law practice and equipped with deep expertise in different business fields.

When we start to accept a case, the dialogue doesn’t stop. That’s when it begins until to successfully solving your case. We commit to full transparency and regular updates for clients. We continue to work hard to cultivate this growing group of satisfied clients.

We are team working. And we have good collaboration with law offices throughout China in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Dalian, etc.

Your time and resources are important to us. We do the excellent work to maximize success and expedite our work to obtain your business success.Our clients regularly experience business triumph by cooperation with us. 

 Admissions & Membership

  • Excellent Law Firm Counsel;
  • Shandong International Law Society;
  • Excellent Law Firm Counsel for Qingdao Judicial System;
  • Advanced Law Firm Counsel for Insurance Settlement;
  • Electronic Commerce Committee of Qingdao Lawyer Association;
  • Foreign Affair Solving Committee of Shandong Lawyer Association;
  • Energy and Environment Committee of Qingdao Lawyer Association;
  • Admiralty and Maritime Professional Committee of Qingdao Lawyers Association;
  • International Commerce and Investment Committee of Qingdao Lawyers;
  • Research Center of Foreign Economic Trade Law and Dispute Resolution;
  • China International Economic and Trade Law Research Association;
  • Excellent Member of Communist Party in Qingdao City;
  • Member of China International Economic Law Society;
  • Supervisor of Administrative Enforcement of Law;
  • Law Firm Counsel for Qingdao Government;
  • A team member of the Red Cross Society;
  • Exellent Law Counsel for China Customs;
  • Member of China Law Society;


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