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Shandong Win & Win Law Firm was legally organized in a partnership, approved by Department of Justice of Shandong and Ministry of Justice of China. All attorneys graduated from prestigious law schools in China or overseas and received formal and systematic law education, also proficient in Chinese and English. Attorneys have solved hundreds of very complex and difficult litigation or non-litigation cases. We specialize in international trade law, commercial law, maritime law, shipping law, civil dispute resolution etc. Many attorneys have practiced tens of years in prestigious law firms, are consistently recommended by prominent law watchers, the Legal 500, Asian Legal Business, etc. Many attorneys have important position in the professional committee of lawyer association, such as International Commercial Dispute Committee, Maritime Dispute Committee, Insurance Dispute Committee etc.

Attorneys have good relationship with Chinese government agencies and judicial department. We adhere to provide professional, efficient legal service through standard, dedicated team work. We have the working experience, the knowledge to solve clients' most significant legal issues. We have unrelenting commitment to work excellence. Placing great importance on cooperating closely with clients and understanding their business requirements, with the aim of resolving disputes efficiently without incurring undue costs and avoiding unnecessary court litigation.

This law firm holds on to the belief that the best kind of legal advice should be direct, practical, combining with Chinese law and practice. We use our best endeavors to help clients optimize their legal interest, safeguarding their commercial interests. Our clients including both domestic clients and a great number of clients from abroad, who are deeply impressed and praise us for our excellent attorney expertise, professional commitment and cooperation. Win & Win attorneys adhere to principal of Honest, Professional, Righteous, having obtained affirmation and praise from clients and governments. According to our service philosophy ofDeveloping with clients, Supporting clients to win, we will continue to provide efficient and high quality legal service for clients.

International Commercial Department is the excellent department of law firm. We are the first attorneys to deliver legal services relating to international trade, and commercial issues. At the forefront of international commercial practice area, we are credited with many achievements, not only in representing Chinese enterprises but also large number of foreign companies to solve international trade, commercial disputes. Attorneys are affluent in English and Chinese. Having rich attorney practice, provide high quality legal service and constructive settlement plan.

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Friendly Settled international trade issues

The American buyer purchased excavators from Chinese supplier in January 2024. After the buyer paid the 30% payment to the supplier, about 150,000 usd as deposit, and waiting for the delivery of goods. However, after receiving the deposit, the supplier informed the buyer that the price of goods was increasing, and char ... + Read more

Settled dispute peacefully and efficiently

On 01/02/2024, the buyer registered in Poland entered into purchase contract to purchase goods from the Chinese company DASHI international trading Co., Ltd. According to the contract terms, the Shipment Time was May 2024.Buyer transferred an advance payment of 30% of the total contract amount on 08/02/2024. Then buyer ... + Read more

Increasing the shipping cost in the CIF term

The German has place order of from the supplier and fully paid against the Proforma Invoice in 2023. But the supplier was unprofessional way attempted to force buyer to pay more for the cost of shipping. But in the invoice, it states clearly that CIF term which means the supplier shall be responsible for the freight. S ... + Read more

Symposium of foreign-related legal services in Shandong Province

In order to strengthen well communication and cooperation between the attorneys and judicial departments, and improve the level of foreign-related legal services in Shandong Province, on May 11, 2024, the Shandong Lawyers Association and the Qingdao International Commercial Court held a symposium, signed joint construc ... + Read more

Excellent case for recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration award

Our American client (hereinafter referred to as applicant in this case) and China Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as respondent in the case) signed the purchase contract in 2022. According to the contract, respondent shall deliver goods to applicant in one month, but failed to perform it. According to the s ... + Read more

Achieving good result in the international trade contract dispute

In 2023, our client purchased 500 tons of seamless steel pipes from supplier, after the end buyer received the cargos, and inspected by SGS international, found the parts of cargos were weld pipes. After buyer noticed and demanded supplier for compensations, it was failed. The supplier argued that they purchased and ar ... + Read more



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