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Shandong Win & Win Law Firm was legally organized in partnership, approved by Ministry of Justice of China and the Department of Justice of Shandong. Situated in Qingdao city, Shandong province. All attorney team leaders are professional attorneys with rich attorney experience. We adhere to provide professional, efficient legal service through standard, dedicated team work.

All Attorneys graduated from prestigious law schools in China or overseas and received formal and systematic law education, also proficient in Chinese and English language. Many attorneys have served as government officials, court judges, professors, etc. in their previous law careers. We have solved hundreds of very complex and difficult commercial litigation or non-litigation cases in local court, high court and China supreme people’s court. We specialize in international trade law, maritime law, commercial dispute resolution etc.

We have good relationship with government agencies and judicial department, and have good cooperation with law firms in major cities of China and overseas. Win & Win attorneys adhere to principal of “Honest, professional, righteous”, having obtained affirmation and praise from clients and governments. According to our service philosophy “Developing with clients, supporting clients to win”, Win & Win attorneys will continue to provide efficient and high quality legal service for clients at home and abroad.

Shandong Win & Win law firm provides legal counsel and representation for clients not only China domestic enterprises but also including all global countries, as Fortune 500, also including many small and medium foreign companies in the field of international trade, investment, manufacture, etc. With the goal of building friendly and trusted relationship with our clients, we are proud to fight hard on behalf of each and every one of clients.


International Commercial Department

We have rich experience for tackling international commercial disputes. Attorneys specialize in international trade, foreign investment, and overseas investment. Attorneys graduate from key national universities, affluent in English. Attorneys have rich experience during attorney practice, provide high quality legal service. In international business, attorneys provide constructive and for solving commercial dispute and give law suggestions.

When Chinese companies go to overseas, and foreign companies come in china, this is global economy nowadays. In order to evade commercial risk, and solve international commercial dispute, it needs attorneys knowing the rules of international commerce, and understand foreign related laws. On the basis of advantage of language and modern office work, our attorneys provide globalized, networked legal service. Our professional attorneys attend all levels of courts, and arbitrations of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, etc. and familiar with the arbitrational rules. We provide legal service for foreign companies invest in China or do business with China.

Maritime and Admiralty Department

Maritime and Admiralty Department of Win & Win Co. Law firm is constituted by several senior attorneys with rich experience and experts in the fields of navigation, maritime investigation and maritime advisory. Attorneys are specializing in solving maritime affair, and having rich experience in maritime related affaires. Attorneys have good relationship with government agencies, judiciary department, and insurance companies. Attorneys provide professional legal service for clients to solve litigation or non-litigation legal service.

We specialize in the field of ship collision, salvage contracts and towage, arrest and release of ships, lien, arrest and auction of ship and cargo, maritime claim preservation and maritime security, marine salvage and wreck salvage, pollution of sea, port construction, port operation dispute, transaction related to ship building, sale, purchase and finance, marine aquaculture damage, ship and cargo insurance contract dispute, ship repair and building dispute, ocean transportation, bareboat charters, time charters, voyage charters and affreightment contracts, ship agency and cargo carriage agency, personal injury and death, labor service contracts of sailors, providing yearly legal advice on the issues involved in operations for shipping companies and fishery companies, financial, equity, acquisition, risk control, insurance consult.

Corporation and Commercial Department

We have assisted international companies of various sizes, as well as individual business owners in all phases of their China business. We also represent domestic companies in transactions with their foreign counterparts. Our clients include many of the world’s most reputable companies. We offer full service for our clients. For a yearly or quarterly flat rate, we handle all corporate and commercial legal matters for our clients. Our experienced attorneys are committed to helping our clients in all aspects of their business needs and problem solving while pursuing their businesses purpose. Our lawyers offer clients legal services as if we were in-house attorney. Whenever you seek legal or business advice, we can provide best legal solutions. While serving as company counsel, we also handle transactional matters such as acquisition issues, contracts, licensing, non-disclosure agreements, and corporate finance, and labor and employment issues. We have been retained by many companies as external company counsel.

Banking and Insurance Department

Attorneys have rich experience in the field of banking, provide professional legal service for major state-owned commercial banks, joint-equity commercial bank in litigation and non-litigation field. Including credit operation, trade financial, guarantee business, bank factoring business, compliance audit, collection, attachment, disposable of non-performing loan, investment, entrustment, mortgage, financial derivative, financial leasing. Attorneys are sophisticated in law and insurance, provide legal service for insurance companies. Compliance audit, insurance litigation, transfer of shares, negotiation of insurance project, draft and revised of law documents, training of insurance law, settlement of insurance claim, insurance recovery.

Housing and Infrastructure Department

We have good relationship with government institutions, house developer and agencies. Focusing on real estate development, investment and financing, merger and acquisition, our attorneys have rich experience in litigation and non-litigation. We specializes on providing wholly and professional legal service for government institutions, estate developer, investor, constructor, surveying and designing companies, consult and supervisory companies; services including first–level land development and financial, expropriation of houses on state-owned land and compensation, relocating the village on the collective-owned land, acquisition, mortgage, transfer, lease, and cooperation investment of land-use right, planning, legal due diligence, risk evaluation of draft and review negotiation and transaction of project, draft signing management of construction project, establishment, running, service for property management company. We provide dedicated legal service, cooperation of team work, and provide high quality legal service for clients, obtain the recognition and praise.

Intellectual Property Department

We have a number of lawyers who have graduated from prestigious universities in China to provide a full-service of intellectual property. Providing legal consult for application, protection, management of intellectual property, approving, protection, transfer and dispute settlement of patent, arbitration and litigation in intellectual property infringement, application declaration of patent invalid, licensing, protection, transfer and dispute solving of trademark rights, litigation of patent infringement dispute. Our attorneys attending national professional seminar of intellectual property, have good relationship with government department, agents of intellectual property, provide qualified and professional legal service for clients.

Criminal Compliance Department

Our legal talents with international outlook and in-depth local experience, our criminal compliance team has built effective communication channels with all levels of judiciary bodies throughout the country, as most of our criminal defense lawyers have working experience in court trials, public prosecution, and investigation into white-collar crimes and other criminal offenses with courts across China. With diligence expertise, our criminal compliance team has offered and will continue to offer our clients with first-class services tailored to the clients’ needs.

Litigation and Arbitration

Our litigation and arbitration team has a wealth of experience in handling litigation, arbitration, enforcement of judgment and award. Our team has a smooth-running workflow. We take the initiative and help our client in any way we can to prevent the dispute from happening; and, if any of our clients get involved in a dispute, we come up with attorney’s solutions to ensure that our clients always have the best advantage. We are fully committed to win cases for our clients, at the same time lowering the costs of dispute resolution by our clients.


Features of Law Firm

We are friendly attorney who love what we do. It’s easier for you to do business with like-minded people who care about your success. 

We have the rich experienced attorneys to achieve unparalleled results for you. Using our law knowledge to work for you. Our attorneys have multidisciplinary law practice and equipped with deep expertise in different business fields.

When we start to accept a case, the dialogue doesn’t stop. That’s when it begins until to successfully solving your case. We commit to full transparency and regular updates for clients. 

We are team working. And we have good collaboration with law offices throughout China in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Dalian, etc.

Your time and resources are important to us. We do the excellent work to maximize success and expedite our work to obtain your business success. Our clients regularly experience business triumph by cooperation with us. 

 Admissions & Membership & Honors

  • Excellent Law Firm Attorneys;
  • Shandong International Law Society;
  • Excellent Law Firm in Judicial System;
  • Advanced Law Firm for Insurance Dispute Settlement;
  • Electronic Commerce Committee of Qingdao Lawyer Association;
  • Foreign Dispute Solving Committee of Shandong Lawyer Association;
  • Professional member of Shipping and Maritime Committee of SHANDONG BAR ASSOCIATION;
  • Energy and Environment Committee of Qingdao Lawyer Association;
  • Admiralty Professional Committee of Qingdao Lawyers Association;
  • International Commerce and Investment Committee of Qingdao Lawyers;
  • Research Center of Foreign Economic Trade Law and Dispute Resolution;
  • China International Economic and Trade Law Research Association;
  • Member of China International Economic Law Society;
  • Supervisor of Administrative Enforcement of Law;
  • Law Firm Attorney for China Government;
  • Excellent Law Firm for China Customs;
  • Member of China Law Society;
  • Member of Global Law Experts;

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