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Act as Legal Expert Consultant for Qingdao Maritime Bureau

On June 18, 2019, Lawyer Zhang Linqiang, partner and director of Shandong Win & Win Law Firm, was entrusted as legal expert consultant by Qingdao Maritime Bureau. It is honor and trust for Win & Win Law Firm. At the same time, it is also encouraging Win & Win Law Firm to make great efforts for improving our legal service, and providing Qingdao Maritime Bureau with high-quality and efficient, professional legal services.

In accordance with the Maritime Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Marine Environment Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, and other related laws and regulations, Maritime Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China (China MSA), under the Ministry of Transport, is the competent authority to exercise the administration of shipping safety and maintain the national sovereignty.The main responsibilities include:
1. drafting and implementing national policies, laws and regulations and standards regarding waterborne traffic safety supervision, survey and registration of ships and offshore installations, ship pollution prevention, and aids to navigation;
2. supervising waterborne traffic safety and preventing pollution from ships. Inspecting safety management system of shipping companies; investigating and handling waterborne traffic accidents, ship pollution accidents; instructing the compensation for pollution damage by ships;
3. administrating the survey of ships and off-shore facilities; supervising the statutory survey and certification for ships and off-shore facilities; examining the qualifications of ship survey organizations and surveyors, supervising the representative offices of foreign ship survey organizations within China; conducting registration, certification, inspection and certificate endorsement of Chinese flag ships; supervising foreign-flagged ships’ entry into and exit from Chinese ports and waters; conducting safety supervision of carriage of dangerous cargoes and other cargoes by ships;
4. administering seafarers and pilots’ training, examination and certification; examining the qualification and quality system of training institutions for seafarers and pilots; managing of seafarers’ passports;
5. supervising waterborne traffic order and navigation condition. Designating and supervising restricted areas, routes, traffic control zones, anchorages and safe operation zones; examining and approving safe berthing conditions and maritime engineering operations relating to the safety of navigation; conducting work on removal of wrecks and other navigational obstacles; and issuing navigation warnings and notices to marines;
6. navigational service. Managing the AtoN, radio navigation and safety communication; managing hydrographical survey of ports and routes and navigational publications; organizing and coordinating maritime search and rescue operations;
7. implementing international maritime conventions; fulfilling obligations of flag State, port State and coastal State; conducting international cooperation and exchanges; and
8. other responsibilities authorized by the Ministry of Transport.



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