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All case must be established and lawsuit must be handled at the end of year

On November 23, 2021, President of the filing division of the Supreme Court and director of the Litigation Service Center, admitted that “it is difficult to file a case at the end of the year”, said that the Supreme Court should take multiple measures to rectify the phenomenon of non filing at the end of the year, and promised to resolutely achieve zero tolerance for non filing at the end of the year “A case must be established and a lawsuit must be handled”.

In China, in order to improve the settlement rate, some courts often refuse to accept the litigation applications at the end of the year. The Supreme Court also reiterates the relevant requirements of not delaying the filing of cases almost every year. As early as 2015, the court system changed the filing review system to the filing registration system, which alleviated the difficulty of filing cases slightly. However, some courts still do not file cases at the end of the year, which seriously affected the judicial image.

The Supreme Court pointed out at a press conference that file a case at the end of the year is related to promoting the modernization of the national governance capacity, safeguarding the interests of the people and the effectiveness of the reform of the judicial system.



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