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The Urban Renewal Investment Promotion Meeting was successfully opened

The Investment and Financing Committee, the International Business and Investment Committee of the Qingdao Lawyers Association and the“Qingdao Urban Renewal Legal Service Group Investment Promotion Team” jointly held the“Urban Renewal Investment Promotion Meeting”. Discussion on the subjects of investment promotion, such as “eight major actions in three years”, “development of areas”. Urban renewal is important project, and the role of lawyers is not only to solve problems left over from history, but also to be able to participate in the front-end investment promotion and business planning.

Qingdao City has established the “Qingdao Urban Renewal and Urban Construction Legal Service Team”. Provide legal services before, during and after the event, and provide legal escort on issues such as “what to update”, “who will update” and “how to update”. Strive to “prevent disputes in advance, resolve disputes in the process, and eliminate disputes afterwards” to ensure that the tough tasks are advanced in orderly manner.

Attorney Kai Liu of our law firm attended this meeting, and gave advice and discussed the main issues during the urban renewal investment project.




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