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Attorney offering administrative law enforcement training session

In order to further strengthen the administrative law enforcement personnel in accordance with the law, enhance their ability to use legal methods to solve problems, and effectively improve the level of legal administration, our law firm attorneys gave comprehensive administrative law enforcement training sessions

In recent years, in order to standardize the administrative law enforcement behavior of various departments in our district, the district judicial bureau has continued to promote the scheduling, guidance, and standardization of administrative work in accordance with the law. One is the city’s pioneering work dynamic reporting system, which dynamically monitors the situation and existing problems of administrative review and response work, timely proposes rectification suggestions, and strives to achieve the goal of “discovering a problem and correcting a type of behavior”. The second is to innovate and carry out the special guidance of case based approach, and prepare four issues of the “Administrative Reconsideration Response Analysis Report”. By analyzing the situation of reconsideration cases in relevant fields, summarizing the common problems that exist in the process of administration according to law, and proposing corresponding legal opinions and suggestions. The third is to innovate the supervision of administrative work in accordance with the law, establish a return visit system for the implementation of administrative reconsideration decisions, and improve the reporting system for lost cases of enterprises involved.

By strengthening supervision over the performance of effective judgments, we can effectively ensure that effective judgments are fully and timely fulfilled in accordance with the law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of parties in accordance with the law, and continuously enhance the authority and credibility of administrative litigation. The fourth is to further improve the mechanism of administrative response work, consolidate the responsibility of administrative officials to appear in court to respond, adhere to the system of monthly and quarterly administrative response reports, implement the system of national staff attending court trials, and comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of administrative response. Next, Judicial Bureau will continue to play its judicial and administrative functions, continue to promote the reform of the administrative review system, strengthen the supervision and guidance role of administrative review response, continuously standardize administrative law enforcement behavior, comprehensively improve the level of legal administration, effectively resolve conflicts and disputes at the source and in substance, and fully promote the construction of a legal government!



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