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Authenticity and credibility of electronic service court documents

In order to better ensure the authenticity and credibility of electronic service documents, relying on the uniformly constructed judicial chain platform, the will now realize the judicial chain certification while serving each electronic document, and support the parties and social third-party institutions to conduct online verification of the received electronic service documents through the “judicial chain data verification” function of the Internet judicial chain platform.

After deliberation and approval by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the people’s court may, with the consent of the addressee from January 1, 2022, serve litigation documents, including judgments, rulings and mediation documents, by electronic means that can confirm their receipt. In Several Opinions on Further Strengthening Civil Service Work, the Supreme People’s Court clearly proposed to actively explore effective ways and means of electronic service and preservation of service certificates on the premise of strictly abiding by the applicable conditions of electronic service in the Civil Procedure Law and the judicial interpretation of the Civil Procedure Law. From now on, each electronic document served by the Supreme People’s Court will be stored in the judicial blockchain at the same time of service, supporting the parties and social third party institutions to conduct online verification of the electronic documents received.



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