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Avoiding the fake international trade certificate

Why fake certificate exist?
1. Sometimes, the exporter does not obtain the necessary export certificate, or the cargo delivering time is urgent, especially for those first dealing, because of lacking of trade experience, certificate is not ready. In such circumstance, exporter may buy these fake certificates such as, fumigation certificate/disinfection certificate, original certificate, phytosanitary certificate.
2. Sometimes, the exporters were defrauded by cargo forwarder. Forwarder give fake certificate to exporter in order for avoiding custom fees, intending to obtain illegal profit from this procedure.
What is risk of fake certificates?
The exporter using fake certificate is high risk. For example, as to fumigation certificate, if the cargo without fumigation treating, and it will be reshipped because not conforming standard of importer country, or been destroyed at the destination port, this will bring huge economic damage to exporter or importer.
For example, one exporter exported marble to America, after the American custom inspected this cargo, they found that fumigation certificate is fake, then the cargo have to return China. Causing damage, such as containers detention fee and sea voyage fee, perhaps the value the cargo was below freight cost.



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