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Blacklist forces 2.5m to comply with court orders

An online blacklist has successfully forced millions of people in China to comply with court orders they had previously ignored, according to the Supreme People’s Court.
The names of 10.59 million individuals and companies have been added to the list since it was set up in October 2013.
Those listed are banned from buying plane tickets, traveling by high-speed train and acting as company executives or legal representatives.
As of last month, 2.46 million individuals have complied with court orders, up from 580,000 at the end of 2016, according to figures released on Saturday by the top court.
The data show that defaulters have been prevented from taking 11.22 million flights and 4.27 million rail journeys, while more than 220,000 have been blocked from acting as executives or legal representatives.
Last year, authorities detained 155,000 defaulters for refusing to comply with court orders, the top court said in a statement.

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