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Establishment of Anti-Epidemic Legal Service Volunteer Group

Epidemic situation is severe, so prevention and control is our society’s responsibility. In order to carry out the requirements of the central and provincial cities on strengthening the prevention and control of pneumonia in the legal profession, and to do a good job for fighting new coronavirus infection, we should take full play to the role of lawyers, contribute the lawyers’ industry strength, and win the fight against epidemic.

After considering above situation, Win & Win Co. Law Firm decides to join the Qingdao City Anti-Epidemic Legal Service Volunteer Group. The Anti-Epidemic Legal Service Volunteer Group is voluntarily established by lawyers to carry out special legal services for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

By providing legal advice and timely resolving disputes through legal help, and providing legal services and assistance for the business trade disputes caused by the epidemic as well as for the medical workers, relevant government departments and public welfare organizations fighting in the front line.

In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic and reduce the number of people going out and gathering, the Legal Service Volunteer Group will mainly use cloud office of Wechat online consultation or telephone consultation to carry out the work.



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