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Excellent case for recognition and enforcement of foreign award

Our client (hereinafter referred to as applicant) and Chemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as respondent) signed the supply contract in 2018. According to the contract, RESPONDENT shall ship 4 containers of goods, and the goods shall arrive at the destination port in three month. However, the goods did not leave the Chinese port, nor arrive at the destination port, which resulted in the delay in delivery of the goods. The foreign arbitration tribunal made an arbitration resolution: RESPONDENT shall pay claim amount to applicant, and compensate of arbitration fee paid by applicant. The above arbitration award had come into force. RESPONDENT failed to fulfill the obligations. Our law firm on half of applicant applied to Intermediate People’s Court for recognition and enforcement of the arbitration award. After several court hearings, both parties reached mediation agreement, the client was very satisfied with the result. And this case was adopted as excellent case by intermediate court.




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