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Handling the dispute over epidemic prevention materials

Our European client purchased epidemic prevention materials from Chinese company QD for government procurement, with a total payment of US $500,000. The delivery time agreed in the contract is within one month after receiving the payment. According to the agreement, as buyer paid the seller in time. However, after receiving the payment, the seller only sent part of the goods. Because of the urgent need for materials during the epidemic period, the buyer can not wait and wait, asked the seller for a refund. However, the seller argued that the money had been paid to the factory, the raw materials had been purchased, so seller did not agree to refund the payment.

The client hereby entrusts our law firm to handle this dispute. After accepting the case, we think that both parties agree on a specific delivery time, and the seller’s delay in delivery constitutes a serious breach of contract. The buyer has the right to terminate the contract and return the payment. Our lawyer negotiated with the seller and analyzed its disadvantages for seller. Finally, the seller refunded the payment. This dispute was peacefully settled.




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