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Increasing the shipping cost in the CIF term

The German has place order of from the supplier and fully paid against the Proforma Invoice in 2023. But the supplier was unprofessional way attempted to force buyer to pay more for the cost of shipping. But in the invoice, it states clearly that CIF term which means the supplier shall be responsible for the freight. So the German buyer was no longer interest in the goods which the supplier failed to deliver as agreed in the contract. The buyer informed the supplier not to ship the goods and demanded for refunding of the payment and plus the 8% of the annual interest. However the supplier refused to do it.

After our lawyer learned the fact of this case, and fully analyzed the documents in this case, and suggested for lawsuit to fight against the supplier in court. After we filed the case in court, and applied the court to seize the bank accounts of the supplier. The supplier was fearing for the stopping the business operation, and caused financial difficulties, etc. The court supported our claims and demanded the supplier to refund all payment and pay interests. At last, our client had fully received the refunding and huge compensation accordingly. The client has trusted and praised the Chinese legal service.




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