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Partner Kevin Attended 2020 International Business and Investment Lawyer Committee

On July 5, 2020, the first plenary Committee of the 9th International Business and Investment Specialized Committee of Qingdao lawyers association was successfully held. Kevin Liu, as member of committee, partner of Shandong Win & Win Co. Law Firm attended this meeting. The meeting focused on “based on Qingdao and going internationally”, and jointly discussed how to better develop Qingdao’s foreign-related legal services under the vision of “professional, comprehensive, efficient and win-win”.

The meeting proposed that the current International Business and Investment Specialized Committee, in accordance with the “opinions on the development of foreign-related legal services industry”, which was deliberated and adopted by the leading group of the central comprehensive deepening reform at the twenty-fourth meeting chaired by general secretary Xi Jinping, should focus on building a professional legal service team in Qingdao, establishing a comprehensive foreign legal service platform and legal requirements. We hope to make efficient and rapid response, and interact with other committees to achieve win-win results.

Since the “reform and opening-up”, China’s foreign-related legal work has been continuously strengthened, the legal service talent team has been growing, and the service field has been gradually expanded, which has played an important role in promoting China’s opening up to the outside world and safeguarding overseas rights and interests. There is still a lot of space for improvement and development potential of foreign-related legal services. The 9th International Business and Investment Specialized Committee of Qingdao Lawyers Association will examine and plan for development with the overall national situation and global vision.



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