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IP court hears more foreign litigants’ cases

The rapid development of China’s economy and technology sector has seen a growing number of intellectual property disputes involving foreign litigants handled in Beijing in recent years, a senior judge said. The number of foreign-related IP cases filed with the court rose to 4,381 last year from 2,475 in 2015, a year after the court was established.

The Beijing IP court is one of four nationwide that specialize in handling disputes involving intellectual property rights in China. The country has seen a rising number of such cases in recent years as it intensifies efforts to drive technological development. The Beijing IP court is the largest of the four courts, and the categories of disputes it hears are the most diverse. Lawsuits against IP-related government departments, which are located in the capital, are also handled by the Beijing court.

News from: Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China. 



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