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Lawyer Liu gave a lecture on constitutional knowledge

On the afternoon of April 10, 2018, at the invitation of the Laoshan District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau in Qingdao, Lawyer Liu Kai from our firm attended the “District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau’s’ Great Learning, Great Research, and Great Improvement ‘Work Conference” and held a constitutional knowledge lecture, explaining the 2018 Constitution Amendment and related constitutional knowledge.

Firstly, Lawyer Liu Kai gave a brief introduction to the overview of the Constitution. By briefly explaining the legal status, historical background, and purpose of the Constitution, a basic framework of constitutional theoretical knowledge has been constructed for the audience. Secondly, Lawyer Liu Kai briefly introduced several major chapters of the Constitution, further deepening the audience’s understanding of the framework knowledge of the Constitution. Lawyer Liu Kai gave a focused explanation on the contents of the 2018 Constitution Amendment, including the Supervisory Commission, ecological civilization, community with a shared future for mankind, advocating for socialist core values, and deleting a maximum of two consecutive terms, helping the audience to have a profound and accurate interpretation of the contents of the 2018 Constitution Amendment.

Finally, Lawyer Liu Kai explained to the audience the basic rights and obligations of citizens closely related to the work of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, taking into account its work characteristics. The lecture ended successfully, and through training and learning, everyone benefited greatly.




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