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Lawyer Wang

  1. All kinds of criminal, civil and commercial litigation and arbitration.
  2. All kinds of civil, commercial and non litigation affairs.
  3. Legal affairs such as legal analysis, planning and drafting of legal documents in all links of real estate development and sales.
  4. Bank loans, especially various forms of guarantees and the legal affairs involved.
  5. The company law includes the relevant legal affairs involved in the transformation of enterprises.
  6. Contract law and related legal affairs.
  7. Foreign investment law and related legal affairs.
  8. International Trade Law and related legal affairs.

Rich working experience and legal practice enable us to comprehensively and accurately grasp the case from the two levels of theory and practice. The main business direction is corporate legal affairs, intellectual property, real estate and infringement compensation. He also enthusiastically participated in community legal public welfare services, which was highly praised by the parties. He is modest, serious and pragmatic in handling cases.




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