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Lawyer Xiang was invited to give lecture for lawyer training class

On June 25, Lawyer Xiang, Lawyer of our law firm and professor of Law School of Shandong University, was invited to give lecture for lawyer training class organized by Qingdao lawyers’ Association. Starting from his law research field, and based on Chinese and foreign laws and regulations, from past tackled cases as the starting point, Lawyer Xiang provided detailed and vivid teaching on the application of law in foreign-related civil cases.

Introduction of Lawyer Xiang

Lawyer Xiang is director of the Research Center for foreign trade law and dispute settlement. Main research interests: international economic law, private international law and maritime law. He has successively published many academic papers in national core legal journals such as law and business research, Journal of East China University of political science and law, political and legal treatises, China Maritime Law Research, Wuhan University international law review, and his research achievements have won the first prize of the youth excellent paper award of the China international economic law society, the first prize of the 24th Shandong provincial law outstanding achievement award, the second prize of the essay solicitation award of the 10th China jurist forum of the China law society, and other awards. Professor Xiang is also a director of China International Economic Law Society, Deputy Secretary General of Shandong Institute of international law, lecturer of the English Course “Introduction to Chinese law” at the Law School of Bergen University, Norway, and arbitrator of Jinan Arbitration Commission.




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