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More legal talent to aid in BRI cases

China’s top court recently appointed 24 new specialists to its International Commercial Expert Committee – mainly people with legal backgrounds in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative – to help promote the initiative and solve related disputes.

The new committee members, come from nations including Singapore, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Nigeria. The committee now has 55 experts from 25 countries, covering international legal fields such as trading, commercial arbitration and mediation, and maritime law. “Our committee is becoming more diversified and professional, meaning our international commercial dispute resolutions are becoming more open and our legal services for litigants are stronger,” she said, chief judge of the Supreme People’s Court’.

The committee’s work as a think tank will be further improved, Wang said, adding that information exchanges on international commercial issues among the members need to be intensified. Highlighting the significance of the committee in serving China’s two international commercial courts, she said,”It should become a key bridge in alleviating international commercial disputes and coordinating international commercial laws.”

They have heard 18 international commercial disputes, mainly covering shareholder identification, fraud in letters of credit and damage to the interests of companies, from countries such as the United States, Italy, Japan and Thailand, Wang said.

News from:The Supreme People’s Court.



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