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Obtain Honor as Shandong Marine Rights and Interests Protection Expert

Recently, Shandong Provincial Department of Justice issued the Establishment of Marine Rights and Interests Protection Expert Pool. Xiang Li, our lawyer and associate professor of Shandong University Law School, was selected into the Shandong Provincial Marine Rights and Interests Protection Expert Pool.
In order to safeguard the national maritime rights and interests and promote the construction of Shandong on the sea, a pool of marine rights and interests protection experts has been established. The expert pool is composed of personnel from administrative and judicial department, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, law firms. A total of 24 experts, professors and lawyers have been recommended by 6 colleges and 5 law firms, including 13 with doctoral (postdoctoral) postgraduates. Their majors and research directions are closely related to the protection of marine rights and interests. The members of the expert pool are entrusted by the Provincial Department of Justice to undertake research, demonstration, consultation related to maritime and maritime affairs, provide intellectual support for leadership decision-making and dispute settlement, and provide rule of law services.



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