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Pay attention to fraud cases involving of shipping company

From March to May 2018, in the process of importing goods from China to Uzbekistan, Tale Company of Uzbekistan entrusted the Chinese “Huanya International Freight Forwarding Company” (hereinafter referred to as “Huanya Company”) through the Internet to transport the company’s container goods worth nearly 10 million yuan to Uzbekistan.

After receiving freight charges of $180,000, Jiang, a salesman of Huanya Company, failed to pay freight charges to an international logistics company in Lianyungang, an actual freight forwarder, and lost contact. The logistics company seized the containerized goods of Uzbekistan because it did not receive the freight. On June 22, the business manager of Tale Company, reported the case to the Economic Investigation department of Lianyungang Public Security Bureau.

After receiving the report, Lianyungang police immediately mobilized forces to set up a special team to carry out the investigation. Starting from several fraudulent US dollar and RMB funds accounts used by the suspects, the team successfully located the identity information of the relevant suspects through in-depth investigation and comprehensive judgment.

The suspect Jiang was captured in an office building in Chengyang District of Qingdao City, and 14 other persons involved in case were controlled on the spot.

In view of the large number of people involved, on the one hand, the police team reported to the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department through the command center, requesting the coordination of Qingdao police to assist vigorously, on the other hand, it urgently mobilized all the police of the Economic Investigation Department to Qingdao for reinforcement. Later, with the strong assistance of Qingdao police, the principal offenders Wang and Tian were captured one after another.

All the police involved in action carried out examination, screening, detention and evidence collection of 17 members one by one involved in the case, and took them back to Lianyugang, and recovered all the stolen money involved in the case of $180,000.

After investigation, from 2017 to July 2018, criminal gangs headed by Wang and Tian registered company. On the Internet, under the names of “Huanya International Freight Forwarding Company”, “Yuze International Freight Forwarding Company”, “Runze International Freight Forwarding Company”, they provided false company office addresses, used virtual identity and unreal registered mobile phones, and signed with foreign importers. Make international freight forwarding contracts, and at the same time, sign freight forwarding contracts with domestic freight forwarding companies to do freight business.

After receiving freight charges from foreign importers and domestic exporters, they do not pay to domestic freight forwarding companies and take the freight charges illegally and escape.

The fraud committed by this criminal group involves importers from more than 10 countries, such as Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, India, Qatar and Korea. It involves various international trade modes such as sea, rail and air transport.

In order to further clarify all the criminal facts of the criminal group, the police have gone to Qingdao, Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu, Xiamen and other places to find out the actual domestic freight forwarding companies for investigation and evidence collection, and try to contact foreign victims through Internet e-mail, Wechat and other means, so that they can report cases in China or through the Internet first.

At present, more than 60 people have been investigated. Through investigation and evidence collection,  the police broke 11 other cases of foreign-related contract fraud implemented by the gang, involving an amount equivalent to more than 1 million yuan.

Pay attention to the cooperation process:

Points for attention:
1. To have a detailed understanding of the partners, especially the new partners by due diligence through the help of Chinese lawyer.
2. We should make a full assessment of the risk and avoid it. We should not book space without contract of shipping agency. After receive draft of contract, please let lawyer review it, and find if anything is wrong.



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