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Provide Chinese solutions to international commercial disputes along the “the Belt and Road”

Since its establishment four years ago, the International Commercial Tribunal of the Supreme People’s Court has continuously met the needs of international commercial dispute settlement with diversified construction subjects of the “the Belt and Road”.
The International Commercial Court of the Supreme People’s Court accepts international commercial cases of the first instance that have been selected by the parties through agreement and the subject amount is more than 300 million yuan, or transferred by the higher people’s courts, or have significant influence in the country. A collegial panel is composed of senior judges with international vision specially selected by the Supreme People’s Court, and the judgment made is the final judgment of the Supreme People’s Court.
At present, the International Commercial Court has accepted 27 cases of international commercial disputes.Actively build a “one-stop” diversified settlement platform for international commercial disputes, and constantly meet the needs of parties to resolve disputes in a diversified way. At present, the International Commercial Court of the Supreme People’s Court has established a “one-stop” diversified international commercial dispute resolution platform with the organic connection of litigation, mediation and arbitration between 10 international commercial arbitration institutions and two international commercial mediation institutions.
The Supreme People’s Court has invited nearly 50 experts from 22 countries around the world to form an expert committee to promote the continuous improvement of the “the Belt and Road” international commercial dispute settlement mechanism by giving play to mediation functions and providing advisory opinions on the identification of extraterritorial laws.
Actively participate in international judicial exchanges and cooperation, and promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind with the power of the rule of law.



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