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Qingdao Customs Efficiently Helps the 3rd “Fareast Cup”

On September 1, Dagang Customs House in Qingdao Customs District fast cleared 6 outbound sailboats joining the 3rd “Fareast Cup” International Regatta of 2018,in which 6 teams totaling more than 50 athletes from China, Russia, New Zealand and other countries set sail to race.

Regarding supervision and service for the sports event, Dagang Customs coordinated in advance with the Regatta organizers to understand customs-clearance requirements by personnel and materials, quickly finished the registration, guarantee and clearance procedures for the participating sailboats, and conducted field inspection and release for the exit, so as to ensure smooth performance of the Regatta.

News from: The General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC)



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