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Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards by an Indian company v. a company in Shandong

This case is a case in which an Indian company applied for recognition and enforcement of the arbitral award of the ICC arbitration court between it and Shandong company in China. This case is a dispute between Indian company and Shandong company after Shandong company entrusted Indian company to carry out relevant work after undertaking relevant projects abroad. Later, due to changes in Indian policy, the employer terminated the contract, Both parties shall submit the above disputes to the arbitration court of the International Chamber of Commerce for arbitration in accordance with relevant agreements. After the arbitration of the case, apply for recognition and enforcement of the arbitral award.

In view of this situation, the lawyer actively coordinated with Shandong company, and both parties agreed to mediate under the work of lawyers. The two sides had no dispute over the amount of settlement. After mediation by lawyers for many times, they provided a variety of mediation schemes for the parties. Finally, the two sides finally reached an agreement.





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