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Rules of Shandong Province for lawyers’ service fees

Article 1 These rules are formulated in accordance with the Price law of the people’s Republic of China, the lawyer law and other relevant laws and regulations in order to standardize the charging rate of lawyers’ services, safeguard rights and interests of clients, and promote the healthy development of the lawyer service.
Article 2 These rules shall apply to law firms, branches of foreign law firms and lawyers approved to practice registered and established in the administrative region of Shandong Province according to law.
Article 3 lawyers’ service fees shall follow the principles of openness, fairness, voluntariness, compensation and good faith.
Article 4 the lawyer’s service charge is mainly subject to the market adjusted price, and the charging standard shall be determined through consultation between the law firm and the client.
Article 5 law firm shall provide the following legal services according to government guided price, and the charging rate shall be formulated by the price department of the people’s Government.
1. To serve as the defender of criminal suspect in criminal cases.
2. Act as an agent in civil and administrative proceedings in which citizens request payment of labor remuneration, industrial injury compensation, alimony, alimony, pension and relief, social insurance treatment or minimum living security treatment, as well as safety accidents, environmental pollution Agents of group litigation cases of public interests;
3. Acting as an agent in cases where citizens request state compensation.
Article 6 the law firm shall negotiate with the client to determine the charging rate for lawyer services, mainly considering the following factors:
1. Time needed for work;
2. The difficulty of legal issues;
3. Possible risks and responsibilities of law firms and lawyers;
4. The social reputation, work level of law firms and lawyers.
Article 7 according to different service contents, lawyer service fees may be charged by piece.
Risk agency fee refers to the way in which law firm collects a certain amount or proportion of service remuneration according to the results of legal affairs or the interests obtained by the client.
Article 8 Risk fees shall not be applied in marriage and inheritance cases.
Article 9 when accepting an entrustment, law firm shall sign a lawyer service charge contract with the client or specify the charge terms.
The charging contract or charging terms shall include charging items, charging methods, charging amount, payment and settlement methods, dispute resolution methods, etc.
Article 10 after law firm signs a contract with its client, it shall not unilaterally change the charging items or increase the charging amount. If the change is really necessary, it shall be negotiated with the client and confirmed in writing.
Article 11 the legal fees, arbitration fees, appraisal fees, notarization fees, evaluation fees, auction fees, translation fees, etc. incurred by a law firm in the process of providing legal services are not lawyer service fees, and shall be paid separately by the client.
Article 12 If law firm needs to collect travel expenses for handling cases in advance, it shall provide the client with the cost estimate.
Article 13 lawyers’ service fees and travel expenses for handling cases shall be collected by law firms. When collecting lawyer service fees and case handling travel expenses from the client, the law firm shall issue bills, travel expense lists to the client. Except for the two fees listed in the preceding paragraph, the law firm and the lawyer shall not charge other fees from the client.
Article 14 law firm shall accept the assignment to undertake legal aid cases. No fees shall be charged from the recipient for handling legal aid cases. For citizens who meet the conditions for legal aid in this province, law firms shall help them apply for legal aid;

*The original text is Chinese and has been translated into English for reference only. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.



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