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Safe trade of international business for suppliers

Carry out credit investigation to verify the authenticity of the buyer’s trade background and the validity of the agent’s identity. In particular, it is necessary to carefully verify whether its mailbox is consistent with the suffix of the official mailbox in the credit report. Don’t think that everything will be fine if the trade documents are complete and the contract is sealed. Don’t think that the consignee of the bill of lading is the buyer of the contract, so you can rest assured. All this will become meaningless if the source of the contract, the identity of the buyer and the agent can not be verified.

Adopt conservative payment method, small transaction amount, and collect a certain proportion of advance payment. If there are difficulties in negotiation, you can take the second place and ask the contract buyer to pay a deposit of US $1 through his company account. You should know that the corporate account is like a magic mirror, and the fake buyer can’t hide immediately.

Carefully keep the bill of lading, send the bill of lading to the verified effective business address of the contract buyer, and keep alert for any modification or unreasonable place of the bill of lading. Anyone knows that the bill of lading has the effect of a document of title in law. For the temporary change of the consignee’s information or the change of the country of the unloading port proposed by the buyer, the export enterprise should raise the spirit of twelve points. A slight difference may result in the loss of money and goods.



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