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Settle International Trade Dispute Case

On August 2021, ZK Steel Industrial issued invoice to buyer. It states goods are steel plate, unit price is 1050 USD/MT, and total amount is 85000 USD. CIF San Francisco. Payment term: 30% paid by T/T as deposit and 70% paid before shipping. Delivery term is 7 working days after receiving the deposit. After buyer paid deposit, supplier said because the price of steel sheets had increased, asked buyer to pay 1300 USD per ton. Then disputed was occurred.

After our law firm accepted this case, we consider that according to Article 509 of the civil code of The People’s Republic of China, the parties shall fully perform their respective obligations as contracted. Article 601, seller shall deliver the subject matter at a time as agreed in the contract. After signed contract, the supplier did not have right to change terms of contract unilaterally. In this case, the supplier had received the deposit, so the supplier shall deliver the goods on time.

After our attorney involved in this case, and negotiated with supplier and third parties, at last, the supplier agreed to deliver the goods without charging more. The client is very satisfied with the result of case.



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