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On 01/02/2024, the buyer registered in Poland entered into purchase contract to purchase goods from the Chinese company DASHI international trading Co., Ltd. According to the contract terms, the Shipment Time was May 2024.Buyer transferred an advance payment of 30% of the total contract amount on 08/02/2024. Then buyer repeatedly asked the Seller to arrange the shipment, but the supplier delayed the ship dates. And the market price decreased significantly. Buyer had to notify this supplier to terminate the contract due to their failure to fulfill its contractual obligations and requested for the prepayment to be sent back. However, the supplier did not return the advance payment.

After we reviewed the dispute, from the Chinese laws, we consider the supplier violated the contract, as buyer has right to terminate the contract and demand the supplier to refund payment and pay all loses. After several meetings with supplier, and noticed the serious results of the case, and legal advice for client for solving this dispute, at last the dispute was settled peacefully.

“Our company has been in the trade market since 2010, and we have strong relationships with our partners. We want to thank you for your time and legal expertise by negotiated peacefully with the seller and found a satisfactory solution for both parties. Your support and expertise helped a lot in this business. We will regularly seek legal assistance on various commercial issues with your law firm. “Appraise by David.




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