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Settled steel sheets quality dispute

Zhejiang steel company as supplier sold steel sheets in coils to buyer, after buyer received the sheets, which were not the correct specification as agreed by both parties. However the supplier denied of responsibility. After our law firm accepted this case, attorney considered that supplier violated the contract, and should compensate the lose arising from the accident. After attorney involved in, and negotiated with supplier for solving this dispute. After several rounds of negotiations, at last, the supplier agreed to pay damages to buyer. Client is satisfied with the settlement.

Related Law: According to 577 Liabilities for Breach of Contracts of the civil code of The People’s Republic of China, “If a party fails to perform its obligations under a contract, or rendered non-conforming performance, it shall bear the liabilities for breach of contract by specific performance, cure of non-conforming performance or payment of damages, etc.” Article 584“Where a party fails to perform his contractual obligation or his performance does not conform to the agreement so that the other party suffers loss, the amount of compensation shall be equivalent to the loss caused by the breach of contract, including the benefits expected to be obtained should the contract had been performed .…”



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