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Settlement of partnership contract dispute

Protect the lawful rights and interests of Chinese and foreign parties according to law

Brief introduction of the case
A Japanese company signed a cooperative operation contract with a company in Qingdao to jointly operate a Tmall flagship store. The agreed contribution and profit share each account for 50%. After the signing of the cooperative operation contract, Qingdao company only provided some financial account data. Qingdao company has refused to respond to the request of Japanese company to stop operating and to liquidate and distribute the property and inventory of the store. Japanese company filed a lawsuit to request a company in Qingdao to carry out partnership liquidation and distribute partnership property to it. During the trial, both parties mentioned that if they can solve the current difficulties, they can continue to cooperate. After the mediation of the court, both parties finally reached a settlement. Qingdao company paid part of the cash and goods to Japanese company, and both parties continued to cooperate.

Typical significance
This case is a foreign-related contract dispute. Through the mediation of the court, the legal rights and interests of both Chinese and foreign parties have been equally protected, and both parties have continued to cooperate. The proper settlement of the dispute has ensured the normal operation of online e-commerce and created good legal business environment.



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