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Shandong’s “cross border cloud justice” facilitates overseas citizen litigation in China

Shandong court officially implemented “cross border cloud justice”. In the future, citizens with nationality of People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents) outside People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan can, through the Shandong court’s electronic litigation service platform, Shandong high law WeChat public official account, Shandong micro court and other online filing litigation service platforms, make online registration according to the designated process, pay online and submit preservation. Carry out the application, participate in the court trial and other litigation activities.

“Cross border cloud justice” mainly includes “cloud filing”, “cloud service”, “cloud court trial”, “cloud mediation”, “cloud preservation” and “cloud execution”. In the aspect of filing, in addition to the existing way of mobile phone number registration, the e-mail registration function is added, and the online payment function of overseas Chinese citizens is opened; In terms of service, with the consent of the parties, the court can serve litigation documents by fax, e-mail and other means to improve the efficiency of foreign service; In the aspect of mediation, relying on the electronic litigation service platform, we should clarify the law to the parties online, preside over the mediation, confirm the effectiveness of the mediation agreement according to law, and broaden the diversified channels of dispute resolution; In terms of application for preservation and enforcement, overseas Chinese citizens are allowed to apply for property preservation, evidence preservation and enforcement through the electronic litigation service platform, and submit electronic guarantee online.

The cases involved more than 40 countries and regions such as Britain, the United States, Japan, India and Malaysia, including a number of cases with typical significance and demonstration effect, and achieved good political, legal and social effects.



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