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Successfully resolve lease arrears disputes

The plaintiff’s leasing company signed the house leasing contract with the defendant American company, which agreed that the American company would lease the plaintiff’s house located in Kong Garden, rizhao for office use. After the contract was signed, the American company failed to pay the rent to the leasing company at the time agreed in the contract, and the rent was still not paid after repeated reminders. Therefore, the leasing company sent a notice of termination to the American company and terminated the lease contract. The American company returned the house involved to the leasing company, but the house involved still had problems such as unpaid utilities. Therefore, on behalf of the plaintiff’s leasing company, our law firm sued the American company to the court, requesting that the American company be ordered to pay rent, liquidated damages for termination of contract and advance water, sewage treatment and electricity charges totaling more than 2 million yuan. The plaintiff won the case and received all the money.




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