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Successfully settle dispute of international installment case

China equipment company as supplier sold equipments to buyer in Europe in 2019, and also agreed to install the machine for buyer. After the delivery of equipment, and the supplier was ready to send engineers to start installment of machine, then the Covid-19 is occurring. From the beginning of 2020, China has taken very strict measure for control the virus. So the job of installment of equipment was stopped.

After six months, buyer waited long period for installment, at last, China has successfully control the epidemic, and return back to normal life. Then buyer requested supplier to installment of machines. China supplier argued that in face of epidemic, as forth majeure, the engineers were worrying about the infection of disease in abroad, so delay and delay. Then client has come to our law firm for help, after reviewing the dispute, our opinion is that the installment is obligation of suppler in the contract, and the Covid-19 can not constitute as forth majeure at present. On behalf of client, we negotiate with supplier, at last, the supplier sends engineers to factory for installment, and successfully perform the task. Client is very appreciating for the effort of our attorneys.



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