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Successfully settle international purchase goods dispute

After three months of court litigation procedure, our law firm successfully help client get refunding and loses arising from the international trade dispute. North America company, as our client purchased goods from Chinese supplier in 2020, when the delivering time is coming, the supplier considered that the market price is very high, if they purchased raw material, they would suffered huge lose, the supplier did not deliver goods for buyer. At last, the seller did not reply to buyer, disappeared.

Then client entrusted our law firm to settle this dispute. After we accepted this case, and analyzed the case, it is clear fact, that buyer as our client performed their obligation for paying the deposit according to contract. However, the supplier did not perform the obligation of delivering goods on time, constituted of violation of contract. According to Chinese contract law, the purchase contract shall be cancelled, and the supplier shall refund payment with compensations to buyer. Then we started legal proceeding against the seller in court quickly, after the court hearing, the supplier as defendant admitted their fault, and refunded all deposit payment with loses in this case. Our client is satisfied with this result. The attorney for tackling this case is Kevin Liu and Mo Yang.



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