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Successfully settle delivery of goods without B/L

On behalf of shipping company, our law firm has successfully settled involved the dispute of bill of lading.

Bill of lading is the basis for the rights and obligations of both parties in transportation between the carrier and the shipper. It refers to the document used to prove that the contract of carriage of goods by sea and the goods have been received or loaded by the carrier, and that the carrier guarantees to deliver the goods. Bill of lading, abbreviated as B / L, is a common and important voucher in foreign trade.

In the dispute of delivery of goods without bill of lading, it is the basis and premise to prove that the carrier releases the goods without bill of lading. As a plaintiff, in addition to submitting a full set of original bill of lading to prove that he is the legitimate holder of bill of lading, he also needs to submit preliminary evidence to prove the fact that he cannot pick up the goods at the discharge port with the original bill of lading.

As for this case, full set of original bills of lading should be made up of three copies. The plaintiff only provides one original bill of lading. If there is no reasonable explanation, plaintiff’s rights to the goods under the bill of lading are incomplete, defective and non exclusive, Therefore, plaintiff can not prove that it is fully qualified to claim compensation for goods losses by relying on only one original bill of lading, so the claim is difficult to be supported by the court.




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