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Successfully solve the dispute of subrogation right of insurance companies

Plaintiff signed an insurance contract with the logistics company. The insured was the logistics company. In order to perform the agency transportation service contract, the logistics company entrusted the defendant’s storage and transportation company to transport the goods. The defendant’s transportation company, as the carrier, had a road traffic accident during the transportation of the goods, resulting in the damage of the goods. Entrusted by the plaintiff, the damage amount of the goods was more than 500000 US dollars. The plaintiff paid insurance compensation to the logistics company according to the liability insurance contract and obtained the right of subrogation. The customer claims to be liable for the loss of the goods as the carrier.

In this case, the insurance company insured by the defendant was a domestic insurance company. The defendant hoped that a domestic insurance company would compensate the amount of loss compensation that the defendant should bear within the scope of its insurance liability. The lawyer added the domestic insurance company involved in the case as a third person to join the lawsuit. The lawyer organized evidence exchange through the pre-trial meeting, sorted out the facts of the case, fixed various losses, and explained the legal provisions of the right of subrogation. Quickly resolve disputes when the facts and the application of law are found out.



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