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The court successfully resolved two foreign disputes through online litigation

The International Commercial Court of the People’s Court of Huangdao District has actively integrated into the overall strategy of the new zone, take the advantages of the trial function, seizing the opportunity, and creating a sample of the judicial service free trade development zone. Recently, the court heard two commercial cases involving foreign affairs and Hong Kong in the form of online litigation, solved the problem that the parties could not attend the court to participate in the litigation during the epidemic by means of information technology, fully guaranteed the legal rights of the parties, successfully resolved the disputes involving foreign affairs and Hong Kong, and provided judicial protection for the development of the open economy in Qingdao Free Trade Zone.

Case 1: Foreign-related cases
In the case of a dispute over the sales contract between a Dutch company and a defendant in Qingdao, the handling judge immediately established a WeChat group of the case after serving the case to the defendant, and the assistant judge organized the exchange of evidence before the court in the group. Later, it was found that the original and defendant had little dispute over the facts of the case, so they immediately organized to mediate in the case group. It only took seven days from the establishment of the case group to the conclusion of the mediation agreement between the two parties. Three days after the trial, the plaintiff, a Dutch company, had received the payment from the defendant, a company in Qingdao. Both Chinese and foreign parties expressed great satisfaction with the efficient hearing and successful resolution of the foreign-related disputes by the Huangdao Court.

Case 2: Hong Kong-related case
The plaintiff sued the defendant, a Hong Kong resident, and a company in Qingdao for a dispute over the transfer of shares. The presiding judge immediately contacted the defendant Ou by telephone, WeChat, SMS and other means after receiving the case. After delivering it to Mr. Ou, it was found that the defendant, Mr. Ou, currently living in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, could not go to Qingdao to appear in court due to the epidemic. The preresiding judge verified Mr. Ou’s identity online through online video means, and organized online evidence exchange and online mediation before the court through WeChat group. It took only one and a half months from the filing of the case to the issuance of the mediation letter, The plaintiff said that he did not expect the court to conclude the case so quickly.
Since the release of the People’s Court Online Litigation Rules, the International Commercial Court of the People’s Court of Huangdao District has actively responded to the call, adhered to the principle of “legal, voluntary, safe and reliable” online litigation, fully considered the epidemic situation, on the one hand, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, fully respected and guaranteed the litigation rights of the parties, on the other hand, using the Internet trial mode, through convenient and efficient Internet technical means, Online service, online inspection and verification of the identity of the parties, online mediation, and information technology to help improve the quality and efficiency of the trial.



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