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Win the dispute case of cargo shortage

In 2021, Singapore Meta Industry Company purchased steel coils from Chinese supplier, Sun Bao steel trade company. Buyer paid eight hundred thousand dollar to supplier, for 600 tons of cargo. However, after the buyer received the cargo, found shortage, and appointed Inspection Company, the result was that only received 400 tons of cargo. After negotiated with supplier, not reach agreement. Buyer entrusted our law firm to settle this dispute.

Because there is no agreement or treaty between China and Singapore on mutual legal assistance in civil and commercial litigation cases, nor have jointly the international conventions for mutual legal assistance, so we suggest bring lawsuit in China court.

We submitted this lawsuit against supplier in Liaocheng court, after court hearing, the supplier was worrying about the serious bad result they would face, so they actively to reach settlement agreement with buyer. Two parties undertook mediation under the guide of the judge. At last, our client got full compensations in this dispute. Client is appreciating the efforts made by lawyer.




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