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Yang Mo

Yang Mo
Areas of Practice: Corporation, Maritime affair, Real Estate;
Education: Southwest University of politics and law Degree: Master Degree in Law
Membership Association: China Lawyers Association Shandong Lawyer Association


During practice, participated in many civil and commercial lawsuits. Served a number of real estate enterprises (China Resources Real Estate, Qingdao Urban Construction, Qingdao Iron And Steel Group, etc.), and responsible for corporate foreign investment, M & a law, etc. He has participated in special safety services for major fire and poisoning accidents in a pharmaceutical factory and special safety services for enterprises. Disputes over liability for compensation for collision of ships, disputes over marine insurance contracts, disputes over property insurance contracts, disputes over contract for carriage of goods by sea, salvage and removal, marine environmental pollution, disputes over ship leasing contracts, disputes over ship repair contracts, mergers and acquisitions of companies, etc.

Main Achivement

  • Providing litigation and non-litigation legal services for the government of Qingdao, participated in the compilation project of administrative law enforcement procedures, and provided normative guidance for the law enforcement of various departments of the government.
  • Providing legal services for the Qingdao government, responsible for contract negotiation, drafting and revision of government projects, and providing legal support for its investment promotion.
  • Providing litigation and non-litigation legal services for banks, and providing legal support for resolving the risk of non-performing loans.
  • Sovling the dispute between Yongshun  Refueling Co., Ltd. and Rongcheng Fishery Co., Ltd. have a dispute over the supply contract of ship materials and spare parts;
  • Solving contract disputes involving of the shipyard, accumulated experience in various dispute resolutions.
  • Resolve the case of Rongcheng Fishery Co., Ltd. maritime ship collision dispute;
  • Handle cases of disputes over the right to use the docks, shorelines, sea areas and sea areas of Qingdao Maritime Safety Administration;
  • Participated in the resolution of Qingdao Ocean Fishery Co., Ltd. v. Qingdao Branch of PICC Property and Casualty Insurance Company Limited in dispute over marine cargo insurance contracts;
  • Legal counsel for Qingdao Luhaifeng Food Group Co., Ltd.;
  • Legal counsel for many insurance companies and shipping companies;





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