Our International Trade team assists manufacturers and international trade service providers in advancing their business interests, and sovereign and industrious clients in securing their trade and investment objectives, through a range of international trade regulatory, dispute settlement, litigation, and enforcement mechanisms.


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International Trade Department

Attorneys of international trade department are the first attorneys to deliver legal services relating to international trade in China. At the forefront of international trade practice area, we are credited with many achievements, not only in representing Chinese enterprises but also foreign companies to solve international trade issues. Attorneys have rich experience for tackling international affair. Attorneys graduate from key national universities, affluent in English and Chinese. Attorneys have rich experience during attorney practice, provide high quality legal service. In international business, attorneys provide constructive and for solving commercial dispute and give law suggestions.

When Chinese companies go to overseas, and foreign companies come in china, this is global economy nowadays. In order to evade commercial risk, and solve international commercial dispute, it needs attorneys knowing the rules of international commerce, and understand foreign related laws. We provide globalized, networked legal service. Our professional attorneys attend all levels of Chinese courts, and arbitrations of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, etc. familiar with the arbitrational rules.

China is becoming the world’s biggest trading country now. Trade disputes and conflicts have increased and became more complex in recent years. More experienced and complicated law requirements are placed on attorney. It is necessary for companies to control commercial risks from the beginning with the help of attorneys. We provide comprehensive legal services in litigation and arbitration for import and export dispute, trade agency, logistics, etc.

Scope of Services 

  • Consultation of International Trade issues;
  • Consultation of policies, laws and regulations on import and export;
  •  Design of international trade transaction mode;
  • Negotiation, preparation, review and amendment of international trade contracts;
  • International Trade and Transportation;
  • Solving disputes of air carriage contracts;
  • Solving disputes of freight forwarding contract;
  • Solving disputes of charter party;
  • Resolution of Disputes on International Trade Agency;
  • Solving disputes of import and export agency contract;
  • Solving disputes of freight forwarding contract;
  • International Trade Dispute Resolution;
  • Arbitration of international trade disputes and enforcement of awards;
  • Application for acceptance and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards;
  • Litigation for International trade debt collection in Chinese court;
  • Other International Trade Consultations;
  • Legal consultation on international trade in service;
  • Legal consultation on international trade in technology;

Representative Cases

  • Representing Italy Company in Liaocheng and Cangzhou Intermediate Courts and Shandong High Court for solving international trade dispute in 2008. Italy company purchased steel pipes from Chinese seller, after receiving cargo, found the serious quality issues. These cases were filed at court, and applied to higher court, at last fully won the cases.
  • Representing Germany Company in Qingdao Intermediate Court for international trade dispute in 2009, and won case. Germany exported candle machines to Chinese buyer, because of quality issues, buyer refused to pay the balance payment. After brought lawsuit into court, buyer paid to client.
  • Representing Australian company for solving L/C dispute involving of iron cargo. By freezing the LC and suing in court, helping client recovered all loss in Shangdong province for iron ore quantity dispute imported from Australia.
  • Representing Singapore companies to claim debt in court in 2012. Submitting the cases to court, and seized the property of defendant, at last clients fully recovered of the losses.
  • Representing HongKong company for sale cargo dispute. Dispute arising of not payment on time, cargo worth one million dollars, through negotiation and arbitration procedure, client received the full payment.
  • Representing Chinese public companies for import and export cargos dispute before the court, giving legal advice when facing dispute, and helping client recover millions of dollars losses.
  • Recognizing and enforcement of foreign arbitration award in Chinese court. EU company obtained the arbitration award, but the defendant failed to perform the award. The defendant paid client through the Intermediate court.
  • Representing Russian company for solving purchasing vessel contract dispute in 2018, claiming about ten million dollars, successful solved this case;
  • Representing Chile and France company for settling dispute of epidemic prevention products, through negotiation and arbitration, successfully tackle dispute, saving millions dollars losses.

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