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Shandong Win & Win Co. Law Firm was legally organized in a partnership, approved by the Department of Justice of Shandong Province and Ministry of Justice of China. It was established by senior attorneys with good reputation in Qingdao, Shandong province. All attorney team leaders are professional attorneys with great deal of experience and law theory. Attorneys adhere to provide professional, efficient legal service through standard, dedicated team work.

All attorneys graduated from prestigious law schools in China or overseas and received formal and systematic law education. Attorneys have solved very complex and difficult litigation or non-litigation cases. Attorneys specialize in foreign related issue, international trade law, maritime law, shipping law, commercial law, civil dispute resolution etc.

We have good relationship with government agencies and judicial department. We also have close cooperation with leading law firms around the world, such as British MFB Solicitors, who having rich experience in shipping, international trade etc. Cooperation also helps us to better serve our clients by providing immediate access to law firms around the world.

We have the working experience, the knowledge to solve our clients' most significant legal challenges. We are demonstrating an unrelenting commitment to work excellence. Our law firm provides prompt high quality legal advice for clients, placing great importance on cooperating closely with clients and understanding their business requirements, with the aim of resolving disputes expeditiously without incurring undue costs and avoiding unnecessary court litigation.

Win & Win attorneys adhere to principal of “Honest, professional, righteous”, having obtained affirmation and praise from clients and government. According to our service philosophy “Developing with clients, supporting clients to win”, we will continue to provide efficient and high quality legal service for clients at home and abroad.


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  • Force Majeure of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

    Force Majeure of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

    Author of article: Lawyers of Shandong Win & Win Co. Law Firm The arrival of the epidemic has raised questions about the performance of the contract of the majority of enterprises, or various situations such as failure to perform or refusal to pe ...   Read more

  • Comparison and Analysis of the Dissolution of International Sales Contracts

    Comparison and Analysis of the Dissolution of International Sales Contracts

    Author of article: Lawyers of Shandong Win & Win Co. Law Firm Summary of content: In international trade, because one party breached the contract, the other party had to request the cancellation of the contract. However, under what circumstances, ...   Read more

  • Analyzing Multimodal Transport Contract Case

    Analyzing Multimodal Transport Contract Case

    Author of article: Lawyers of Shandong Win & Win Co. Law Firm Basic Information of Case: Smart Integrated House Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smart Company”) entrusted Shanghai International Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter r ...   Read more

  • How to Affirm the Effective of Arbitration Award

    How to Affirm the Effective of Arbitration Award

    Author of article: Lawyers of Shandong Win & Win Co. Law Firm When an applicant applies for recognition and enforcement of a foreign arbitral award to a Chinese court. The respondent will put forward a lot of defense reasons and ask the court not ...   Read more


Court release white papers and typical cases of foreign-related

The Qingdao intermediate people’s court held a press conference to release the Chinese and English bilingual white papers and typical mediation cases of foreign-related, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan commercial trials of Qingdao court from 2016 to 2019. According to the white paper, the number and amount of foreign ... + Read more

Courts ponder platform for overseas suits

Chinese courts are exploring an online platform and a wider application of internet technologies to offer more effective, convenient and low-cost services for overseas litigants amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence should be better used in hearings invol ... + Read more

Congratulations for listing in the Marine Insurance Law Firm of PICC

Shandong Branch of PICC Property & Casualty Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as PICC P&C Shandong Branch) announced the results of the bidding of the lawyers in 2020. Our Shandong Win & Win Co. Law Firm was successfully listed in this bidding event. Relying on our professional team, rich service experienc ... + Read more

SPC to strengthen research, application of international law

The SPC will further strengthen the research and application of international law, give full play to the judicial function, firmly maintain the international order based on international law, serve a higher level of opening-up, and make positive contributions in building an open world economy and a community of shared ... + Read more

China’s chief justice calls for higher level of judicial cooperation among BRICS nations

BEIJING — China’s chief justice on Sept 9 called for a higher level of judicial cooperation among BRICS countries to jointly deal with risks and challenges. Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme People’s Court, made the remarks while attending the BRICS Chief Justices Forum via video link. Zhou put for ... + Read more

Judicial services remain in place during epidemic

BEIJING – With the use of internet and information technology, Chinese courts continued to operate throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, and over 400,000 trials were conducted online. Between Feb 3 and July 3, Chinese courts accepted 2.8 million cases filed online and opened for session online 440,000 times, accordin ... + Read more

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