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Attorney Kevin Liu graduated from a World Class Wuhan University School of Law, and obtained Master Degree in Law. After ten years of attorney practice in Qingdao law firms, now Kevin is a founder and senior partner at Win & Win Co. Law Firm established in Qingdao. Kevin’s attorney experience principally focus on solving international commercial dispute, emphasis on foreign related matters, providing legal counsel and representation for clients including Americans, Europeans, etc. in the fields of international trade, investment, etc. With the goal of building friendly and trusted relationship with clients, Kevin as attorney is proud to fight hard on behalf of each and every one of clients.


  • Courts' IP decisions win respect

    Courts’ IP decisions win respect

    Confidence around world grows as judges give all sides equal footing China is building up its international image and the credibility of its judicial system through dealing with high-profile foreign-related intellectual property cases, a senior offic ...   Read more

  • Courts of cities along B&R sign judicial cooperation agreement

    Courts of cities along B&R sign judicial cooperation agreement

    Twenty-one courts of Chinese cities along the Belt and Road signed judicial cooperation agreements in Lianyungang, East China’s Jiangsu province, on July 17 to assist with Asia-Europe joint rail and water transportation in which the city is a k ...   Read more


Lawyer Fee Guide

1, Company status investigation: Checking from China Industry and Commerce Bureau, checking corporate forms, company legal representative, register capital, business scope, register address, establish year; If company normal running? If company failure to perform Judgment of Court; or if company having civil dispute in ... + Read more

How to solve international trade dispute in China?

When you sign purchase contract with Chinese company, then both of you shall perform the contract  according to articles in this contract. Generally speaking, the responsibility of seller is to provide and deliver the cargo according to articles of quality and transportation in contract. And the responsibility of buyer ... + Read more

What type of legal service do you provide?

We are a leading group of highly professional lawyers whose goal is to protect your business with Chinese company. We aim to assure our clients that with our legal help to quickly and effectively resolve any business legal issue. ... + Read more

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