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Shandong Win & Win Co. Law Firm was legally organized in a partnership, approved by the Department of Justice of Shandong Province. It was established by senior attorneys with good reputation in Qingdao, Shandong province. All attorney team leaders are professional attorneys with rich experience and law theory study. Attorneys adhere to provide professional, efficient legal service through standard, dedicated team work.

All attorneys graduated from prestigious law schools in China or overseas and received formal and systematic law education. Attorneys have solved very complex and difficult litigation or non-litigation cases. Attorneys specialize in foreign related issue, international trade law, maritime law, shipping law, commercial law, civil dispute resolution etc.

We have good relationship with government agencies and judicial department. We also have close cooperation with leading law firms around the world, such as British MFB Solicitors who having rich experience in shipping, international trade etc. Cooperation also helps us to better serve our clients by providing immediate access to law firms around the world.

We have the working experience, the knowledge to solve our clients' most significant legal challenges. We are demonstrating an unrelenting commitment to work excellence. Our law firm provides prompt high quality legal advice for clients, placing great importance on cooperating closely with clients and understanding their business requirements, with the aim of resolving disputes expeditiously without incurring undue costs and avoiding unnecessary court litigation.

Win & Win attorneys adhere to principal of “Honest, professional, righteous”, having obtained affirmation and praise from clients and government. According to our service philosophy “Developing with clients, supporting clients to win”, we will continue to provide efficient and high quality legal service for clients at home and abroad.


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Equal Protection of the Legitimate Rights and Interests of Chinese and Foreign Parties

One of disputes solved by Win & Win Law Firm was adopted as excellent cases for protecting the rights and interest of foreign company. Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court recently announced that in order to improve the quality of ascertainment and application of extraterritorial laws (including foreign laws a ... + Read more

Application For Recognition And Enforcement Of Foreign Arbitration

CH Ltd, Russia (hereinafter referred to as CH) and Qingdao AP Chemical Co., Ltd, China(hereinafter referred to as AP) signed the supply contract on December 10, 2013. According to the contract, AP shall ship 4 containers of goods, and the goods shall arrive at the port of St. Petersburg no later than December 14, 2014. ... + Read more

China issues judicial interpretation to better protect foreign investors’ interests

BEIJING — China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) on Dec 27 issued a judicial interpretation applicable to the Foreign Investment Law, aiming to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors in the country. People’s courts around the country will not support contracted par ... + Read more

SPC launches online foreign law ascertainment platform

The Supreme People’s Court (SPC) on Nov 29 officially launched its Foreign Law Ascertainment Platform on the website of the China International Commercial Court (CICC). The platform is an important step for the SPC in its effort to establish mechanisms and institutions for the settlement of international commerci ... + Read more

China’s supreme court assists judges on civil, commercial disputes

BEIJING — China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) on Nov 14 published a reference document to help judges handle complicated civil and commercial disputes. The document, an outcome of a key SPC workshop on trials of civil and commercial cases, covered 130 issues in 12 sections ranging from corporate affa ... + Read more

Outcome of China Forum on International Legal Cooperation released

A statement was released as the outcome of the China Forum on International Legal Cooperation held in Guangzhou from Nov 10 to 11. The statement says that it is necessary to carry out multi-layer, multi-channel and across-the-board legal cooperation. It calls for support for participants of the Belt and Road Initiative ... + Read more

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