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Successfully settled international trade dispute

In October, 2023, the supplier issued the proforma invoice to our client, the products were steel plate with different sizes, and total price was 568,359 USD. Payment term was 30% T/T as deposit 70% T/T before shipping. Delivery Time was ten working days. Our client paid supplier deposit accordingly. However, seller did not deliver the goods to our client according to contract. The seller increased the price for 40%. So our client did not accept it, and demand for refund of payment. After our law firm accepted this case, attorney negotiated with supplier for peaceful settlement. Under the negotiation through our lawyers, the supplier took active attitude for settlement. After one week negotiation, the supplier delivered to our clients timely, and the supplier also paid the delay damages. Our client is satisfied for the result of the settlement.

According to Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, Article 509, the parties shall fully perform their respective obligations as contracted. The parties shall comply with the principle of good faith, and perform such obligations as sending notices, rendering assistances, and keeping confidentiality in accordance with the nature and purpose of the contract and the course of dealing. Article 601 seller shall deliver the subject matter at a time as agreed in the contract.



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