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Concept of legal counsel in business

Legal counsel refers to specialized personnel who answer legal inquiries and provide legal assistance. If invited by the parties, handle relevant legal affairs for the parties, or accept the entrustment of the parties to non litigation events, provide legal assistance, or appear in court as the litigation agent of the parties in civil proceedings, or as the defender of the defendant in criminal proceedings. Its responsibility is to provide opinions for business legal issues, draft and review legal affairs documents, participate in litigation, mediation or arbitration activities as an agent, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the employing unit.

Consultancy services:
Legal advisers include special legal advisers and perennial legal advisers. Their services mainly include assisting Party A in establishing a legal dispute prevention mechanism, dealing with existing relevant legal issues in time, and cooperating and cooperating with relevant departments of Party A. Specific consultants are as follows:
1. Answer legal advice, provide suggestions according to law or issue legal opinions.
2. Assist in drafting, formulating, reviewing or amending contracts, articles of association and other legal documents.
3. At the request of customers, participate in consultation and negotiation, and conduct legal analysis and demonstration.
4. Sign, deliver or accept legal documents entrusted by customers.
5. Upon request, conduct legal argumentation, propose solutions, issue negotiation letters, express legal opinions, or participate in non litigation negotiation, coordination and mediation on disputes that customers have, face or may have.
6. Teach legal practice knowledge at the request of customers.
7. Monitor the release and modification of laws and regulations related to customers at the request of customers.
8. Act as an agent in litigation, mediation or arbitration activities.
9. Help enterprise customers establish and improve various rules and regulations.
10. Assist enterprise customers to establish legal service institutions and carry out legal training and legal publicity.
11. Handle other legal affairs agreed by both parties.



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