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Congratulation the 9th International Commercial and Investment Professional Lawyer Committee

On April 9th 2023, the first plenary session of the 9th International Commercial and Investment Professional Committee of Qingdao Lawyers Association for the year 2023 was successfully held. In 2022, the International Commercial and Investment Professional Committee completed various assessment tasks, but also organized and hosted multiple major foreign-related legal service professional activities, and completed multiple important work tasks assigned by the Provincial Department of Justice and the Provincial Law Association, act as important role in driving the continuous development of foreign-related legal services in Qingdao. For this reason, the International Commercial and Investment Professional Committee of Qingdao has also been awarded the 2022 Outstanding Professional Committee by the Qingdao Law Association. This meeting summarized the work of the committee in the first quarter of 2023 and made plans and deployments for the half year’s work. Partner attorney Liu of our law firm attended this session.

The Qingdao Lawyers Association is a social organization established according to law and self disciplined organization of Qingdao lawyers. In accordance with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Lawyers, the Qingdao Lawyers Association implements industry management on lawyers and law firms in Qingdao. On December 25, 1987, the first Qingdao Lawyers’ Congress was held, announcing the official establishment of the Qingdao Lawyers’ Association. After long-term development, a large number of excellent lawyers with excellent business skills and strong work style have emerged, as well as some large, highly specialized, and reputable law firms. They have played an important role in maintaining the correct implementation of the law, promoting social progress, and democratic legal construction. On December 21, 2019, the 9th Lawyers’ Congress of Qingdao was held, and the President, Vice President, Executive Director, and Secretary General of the 9th Lawyers’ Association were elected. The new leadership collective of the Lawyers’ Association aims to unite and lead its members, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved, safeguard the correct implementation of the law, and maintain social fairness and justice. It leads lawyers in the city to strive for the construction of a socialist rule of law country with Chinese characteristics, promote social harmonious development and civilized progress. The Qingdao Lawyers’ Congress is the highest authority of the association, consisting of individual and group members. The congress is held every three years and has gone through nine sessions to this day.




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