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Attorney Xiang

Attorney Xiang

Mr. Xiang, graduated from Wuhan University Law School with a doctor of law degree, is a visiting scholar of the University of Iowa law school. He is currently an associate professor, master’s supervisor, deputy director of the center for foreign trade law and dispute settlement, a member of China Association of international economic law, a member of China Maritime Law Association, Deputy Secretary General of Shandong International Law Society, and chief lecturer of “Introduction to Chinese law” course of law School of Bergen University in Norway. As the director of the project of the Ministry of education for the youth fund for Humanities and social sciences research, Rotterdam Rules empirical research, and director of Coordination Research on external relations of international maritime convention of China Postdoctoral Science Fund.


His main research fields are international economic law, maritime law and arbitration law. The representative achievements include: from rare reference to conventional reference: An Empirical Analysis Based on the reference of guiding cases, CSSCI, No. 5, 2016 (reprinted from Renmin University of China’s photocopying of press materials (procedural law and judicial system), issue 12, 2016; and international law space for the development of China’s cruise industry International law obligations in GATS, FTAs and bilateral agreements as the center, “Research on China’s Maritime Commercial Law” (CSSCI extension), No. 1, 2016; realistic choice of search and rescue mechanism in the South China Sea: An Empirical Analysis Based on maritime accidents in the South China Sea, “Journal of Hainan University (HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES EDITION) (CSSCI), No. 6, 2014; evolution and deficiency of China’s legal system of tradable cultural relics In this paper, the author discusses the problems and solutions of maritime administrative law enforcement from the perspective of safeguarding marine rights and interests, Journal of Wuhan University (PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES EDITION), No. 5, 2011; analysis on the cargo delivery system of Rotterdam Rules, Journal of East China University of political science and Law (CSSCI), 2010, issue 6 New development of the law of international carriage of goods introduction and review of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the international carriage of goods wholly or partly by sea, Journal of international economic law (CSSCI), Vol. 16, No. 4, 2009; response of the Convention on Contracts for the international carriage of goods wholly or partly by sea to treaty conflicts, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION), No. 2, 2009 On the right of control of goods, CSSCI, Vol. 12, 2009; inheritance and development of the carrier’s liability system in the international maritime industry, China Maritime Law Yearbook, 2009, issue 4; on the settlement mode of maritime treaty conflicts: Centering on the draft of the United Nations Transport Law of goods, China Maritime Law Yearbook, 2008, Vol Some thoughts on legal issues related to business, political and legal issues.

Main Achievements

Mr. Xiang has won the first prize of youth Excellent Thesis Award of China International Economic Law Association 2019 annual meeting, the first prize of the 24th Shandong law Excellent Achievement Award (2019), the second prize of the 10th China jurists forum essay award of China Law Society (2015), the third prize of excellent paper award of China International Economic and Trade Law Research Association 2015 annual meeting, and China cruise yacht industry development law First prize (2015) and other scientific research honors in the forum essay competition.



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