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Yang Yuxi

Yang Yuxi
Areas of Practice: Maritime affair, International trade, Corporation;
Membership Association: China Lawyers Association Shandong Lawyer Association;


Lawyer Yang is focusing on foreign business, maritime, commercial disputes and other civil litigation and non-litigation business. Up to now, he has participated in the settlement of many foreign business and maritime disputes. Provided efficient legal services for domestic enterprises and solve all aspects of their legal disputes. At the same time, provided legal services and resolved disputes for customers from overseas, such as The United States, Russia, Hungary, etc.

Main achievements

  •  International trade legal advisory group of Qingdao Luhaifeng group, providing legal services such as contract review and legal opinions;
  •  Legal advisory group of Qingdao Lanhaiximo Engineering Co., Ltd., providing legal advice, litigation agency and other legal services.
  • Participated in the case of dispute between a Hungarian company and a Qingdao company over the contract for the international sale of goods.
    Represented American companies settled product quality dispute through negotiations tactics.
  • Represented Australian companies to solve international trade dispute with Chinese factories.
  • Recognizing and enforcement of foreign arbitration award in Chinese court; Russian company obtained the arbitration award, but the defendant failed to perform the award. Successful solving this issue through the court of China.
  • Represented Russian company for solving international ship building contract dispute, through negotiation tactics, successful solved this case.
  • Represented clients for settling cargo damage or B/L dispute during sea transportation in maritime courts.




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