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Successfully represented the client in the arbitration

In 2023, after our client purchased large number of medical devices from a Chinese factory, our client as buyer, Chemical Company discovered serious quality issues during operation of the devices. After multiple adjustments and repairs by engineers, the equipments still cannot run properly. The seller argued that the equipments cannot be used due to the geographical environment and climate of the buyer’s country. And the seller refused to pay compensations.

After our law firm accepted this case, and through careful preparation, initiated arbitration on behalf of our client. The case went through a process of negotiation, arbitration, mediation. The lawyer team worked hard and reached a mediation agreement with the opposite party, ultimately winning full compensation for our client. At present, the opposite party has fully paid the compensation.

Our lawyer team’s understanding of international arbitration rules, communication skills, and high responsibility play a crucial role in the successful conclusion of the case. The team also creatively applies alternative dispute resolution methods in the entire process of arbitration. The lawyer team has also represented arbitration cases in international arbitration institutions such as the China International Trade Arbitration Commission, and has received high praise from clients and arbitration institutions.



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