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Successful resolution of international purchase goods dispute

Date: July 5, 2023

US Client paid deposit, but Chinese supplier didn’t deliver laser machines according to contract. After many time of negotiations, failed. At last, Client entrusted our law firm to handle it, we brought the case in China court proceedings, and won case. Client gets back whole payment with compensations.

The successful resolution of this international purchase goods dispute underscores our law firm’s prowess in handling complex legal matters and upholding justice. By ensuring the client’s payment restitution, the law firm has not only provided financial relief but also instilled confidence in the Chinese legal system and its ability to protect the rights of individuals engaged in international business transactions.

This international purchase goods dispute further solidifies our law firm standing as a trusted partner for clients seeking legal assistance in cross-border transactions. It exemplifies our firm’s dedication to delivering justice and highlights the significant role played by Chinese law firms in safeguarding the rights and interests of individuals engaged in international trade.




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