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Successfully resolve import and export agency contract disputes

In 2013, the plaintiff’s logistics company established a cooperative relationship with the defendant’s trading company, and the plaintiff acted as an agent for the export of products. Later, the defendant’s trading company owed the plaintiff relevant funds. After repeated urging by the plaintiff, the defendant’s trading company issued a payment commitment letter to the plaintiff and promised to pay relevant funds to the plaintiff. At the same time, the defendant’s B company issued a commitment letter to the plaintiff and promised to pay the arrears together with the defendant’s trading company. After that, the plaintiff repeatedly called for payment, and both defendants failed to repay.

Our lawyer quickly resolved disputes, protected the interests of all parties, maintained the goodwill of the client, and achieved good legal, social and economic results. The case settled by mediation quickly. Lawyers consider problems for the parties and not only pursue the settlement of the case, but also apply the settlement method that can best safeguard the rights and interests of client on the premise of complying with laws and regulations.





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